WATCH: Ryan Eigenmann’s Eigen 5 family takes on Light it Forward challenge

Ryan Eigenmann Light it Forward challenge
Model-actor Ryan Eigenmann and his family are the newest solar challengers for the Light it Forward campaign.

Model-actor Ryan Eigenmann and his Eigen 5 family have built solar lamps for the Light it Forward campaign to brighten up a Filipino household in need of light.

The Light it Forward campaign was started by Liter of Light to raise awareness for an estimated 20 million Filipinos still without access to modern electricity.

Liter of Light is committed to providing sustainable and high-quality solar light to impoverished and far-flung areas in the Philippines.

Each lamp generated from the challenge is to be donated to these communities.

The Light it Forward challenge only takes up 20 minutes of an individual’s time. Solar challengers need to assemble a solar lamp from the kit provided. Upon completion, they have to issue the challenge to someone else to keep the movement going and build more solar lamps.

Watch Ryan Eigenmann and his Eigen 5 family take on the Light it Forward challenge. Join them in their joint advocacy to end energy poverty, one solar light bottle at a time.

Ryan Eigenmann and family

Ryan Eigenmann and family

Renowned actor and model, Ryan Eigenmann, filmed the Light it Forward video with his family dubbed as ‘Eigen 5’ comprised of his wife Cathy and himself, daughters Catalina, Rocio, and son Ruis.

He introduced Liter of Light’s purpose and went over the basic premise of the solar building challenge.

Liter of Light (Isang Litrong Liwanag) is a global, grassroots movement committed to providing affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity.

The challenge is part of Liter of Light’s eco-friendly mission to help out needy communities and households in the Philippines. Each lamp generated from the Light Forward challenge is to be donated to some of the poorest communities in the country.

The actor says he was honored to take part in the Light it Forward challenge. He also pointed out that the solar lamp kit sent by the foundation is sanitized and disinfected for use.

The actor’s family did an ‘unboxing’ of the solar building kit. The actor also patiently went over the solar lamp’s parts and tools and explained their purpose to kids Catalina and Ruis.

The informative video also served some laughs as the Eigenmann kids’ antics entertained viewers.

At one point, 10-year-old Catalina Eigenmann asked the actor why the solar building project was so important.

“It’s because there are still some areas in the Philippines that don’t have access to electricity,” the actor responded.

“Organizations like Liter of Light do this; they make a bunch of solar lights so they can give them away to those Barangays and areas without access to electricity,” Eigenmann added.

The Light it Forward project was an educational lesson for the Eigenmann siblings.

“Imagine during the day, of course, they have light through the sun, but come night time they live in darkness. This light will actually go to a family who will not live in darkness anymore come night time,” his wife Cathy explained.

Siblings Catalina and Ruis were happy to hear that they were doing a good thing for others.

After the solar light’s assembly, the actor had this to say about the project:

“This was so fun to build. I had fun. So I really wouldn’t mind if Liter of Light sent us a bunch more of these things to build and donate so that these households may get their very own solar-powered lamps.” Ryan Eigenmann said.

The actor-model uploaded the video on the Eigen 5 Youtube channel on August 7, 2020.

Ryan Eigenmann nominated his friends and family for the Light it Forward challenge.

Watch Eigen 5 video here.

Ryan Eigenmann is part of the second batch of celebrities for the Light it Forward movement.

Fellow actors Lucho Ayala, Gil Cuerva, and Bela Padilla are among the famous Filipino celebrities who already took on the challenge.

The Light it Forward campaign to build solar lamps is led by the Liter of Light Foundation in partnership with

Do you want to accept the Light it Forward Challenge? Message the Light it Forward team on Facebook to find out how you can join the advocacy!


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