WATCH: Liter of Light’s Illac Diaz finds time for love while saving the planet

Find out how an award-winning Filipino innovator manages to have it all while saving the planet in this exclusive interview on the Good News Pilipinas! TV YouTube channel. Photos from Illac Diaz FB.

Let’s watch Filipino social innovator Illac Diaz of the award-winning global grassroots solar lighting movement Liter of Light talk about twinning his passions for saving the planet and his life partner in this exclusive interview on the Good News Pilipinas! TV YouTube channel.

Diaz has been busy changing people’s lives for the better through the environmentally friendly solar lamps of his Filipino-born social enterprise, Liter of Light. From Italy to Dubai, the Filipino Pride Advocate takes viewers around the globe on his journey to championing sustainable electricity and representing the Philippines on the world stage.

Despite a packed schedule, Diaz still finds time for love and actually got married to his longtime partner and fellow solar champion, Ami Valdemoro, while the COP26 global climate change conference where Liter of Light represented the Philippines’ private sector was happening in November last year.

The multi-award-winning Founder and Executive Director of Liter of Light Illac Diaz joins Good News Pilipinas! TV anchor Trixie Esguerra of Positivitrix from the Expo 2020 Dubai in the eighth episode of the new series, “Filipino Pride Newsmakers“.

In the episode, Illac Diaz of Liter of Light, who is currently in Dubai to represent the Philippines in the ongoing global expo, discusses his various projects, participating in international events and conferences, and many more.

The Philippines-based social enterprise Liter of Light led by its founder Diaz has earlier represented the Philippine private sector in the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) co-hosted by Italy and the United Kingdom convened in November.

Ahead of the summit, the solar lighting movement launched the Human-Powered Messages of Hope project to urge the public to act now to arrest climate change.

Diaz’s social enterprise also joined the pre-COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Milan, Italy. Diaz and his team successfully called on the help of netizens, as well as youth and climate leaders around the world who posted tweets calling for urgent climate action to be taken by the world’s nations which were then created as large-scale solar billboards using the award-winning Light it Forward solar lamps.

The team first launched a series of solar artworks in the Lombardy region of Italy followed by the United Kingdom to coincide with the climate summit which was held in Glasgow, Scotland last year.

Diaz also shares how he made a solar energy-powered proposal to his partner, Ami Valdemoro, who is the Director of the Liter of Light foundation’s Board of Trustees. The two got married around the time the climate change summit was held in Scotland.

In the interview, the Filipino luminary also offered his expertise and insights on mitigating climate change to ward off storms like the Category 5 Super Typhoon Odette which ravaged the Philippines in December 2021.

The ASEAN Champion also talked about his foundation’s upcoming projects including the first global Filipino climate change film launching at the Expo 2020 Dubai about the inspirational story of Liter of Light called “Theory of Light” which will launch at the expo on March 27, 2022.

The new episode is part of the series introduced as the “Filipino Pride Newsmakers” which features live interviews with personalities from the Philippines and around the world who are making good news headlines for making every Filipino proud.

The first batch of the interview series which premiered with MorissetteChristian BautistaChinkee TanQuiccsTrina BelamideBayang Barrios, and Moy Ortiz will next feature candid interviews with Liter of Light Filipino innovator Illac Diaz, Filipino music icon Jose Mari Chan, and the Little Picasso of the Philippines Worth Lodriga.

Illac Diaz was previously featured in the Filipino Pride Advocates series of the Good News Pilipinas! TV YouTube channel.

WATCH his previous interviews about Liter of Light’s 100 Day Global Lighting Voyage and the foundation’s Solar Lighting Mission.

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