HOW TO JOIN: Earth Day Challenge to Build Light It Forward Solar Lamps

You are being challenged to Light It Forward by hand-building solar lamps to reduce carbon emissions.

Here’s how to join the Earth Day Challenge to build the award-winning Light It Forward solar lamps by the Filipino-born social enterprise, Liter of Light, a global grassroots movement teaching women cooperatives to build solar lights instead of importing them.

The Earth Day Challenge call to change a life and raise awareness for climate action was made by Liter of Light Founder and Edison Awardee Illac Diaz in a video posted on social media ahead of April 22, 2022, World Earth Day.

The group called on people to build solar lights from Earth Day to World Environment Day on June 5 in a bid to help reduce carbon emissions by 1,000 kgs. as each hand-built solar light can emit light 12 hours a day and will last for the next five years.

The Asia Pacific Social Innovation and Partnership Award (APSIPA) recipient Light It Forward campaign from 2020 to 2021 empowered artists, youth, media, businesses, and service groups to hand-build solar lamps for donation to electricity-deprived communities and change the world even while confined in the safety of their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The campaign inspired by the viral Ice Bucket Challenge first built the Good Light Messages of Hope in the Philippines under lockdown to encourage people and has since gone global with Light It Forward solar lamps built and used to display Messages of Hope for the planet in Milan, Glasgow, and more recently at the EXPO Dubai.

How to build your solar lamp:

1. ORDER your Liter of Light Solar Kits from Lazada here.

2. ALLOT 30 minutes to assemble the solar lamp by hand. Follow the provided manual.

3. RECORD a fun video of you challenging at least 10 of your friends to build a solar light and Light It Forward for others.

4. TAG @literoflight on social media Facebook and Instagram and use any or all of these hashtags: #earthday2022 #lightitforward #literoflight #climateaction #worldenvironmentday #sustainability

JOIN the Light It Forward Earth Day Challenge and SHARE THIS STORY with others to encourage them to Light It Forward by hand-building solar lamps for the planet!

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