LOOK: Celebrity solar advocates join LIGHT IT FORWARD challenge to build solar lights

Celebrity solar advocates join Light it Forward Challenge
These nine Filipino celebrities gladly joined the LIGHT IT FORWARD challenge and took part in the solar lighting movement that will bring free solar lamps to far-flung areas in the country.

LOOK: Here is the second batch of celebrity advocates who take on the challenge of LIGHT IT FORWARD to serve the communities living in darkness by building solar lights.

The Liter of Light’s initiative is gaining more attention in the online world as more influential people are advocating the solar lighting movement, including these 9 celebrities who became solar engineers for a cause.

Liter of Light Foundation, in partnership with Filipino pride advocate group Good News Pilipinas and all the solar challengers, share one voice in building more solar lamps to benefit the destitute families in the country.

The LIGHT IT FORWARD campaign is a continuous movement where one solar builder challenges another – friends, colleagues, or families – until the challenge spreads across the country.

The solar lighting campaign invites everyone to participate and be a part of a noble goal by lending 20-30 minutes of their time to make an impact on the 20 million people that have little or no access to electricity.

The nine celebrities who accepted the challenge of LIGHT IT FORWARD include:

  • Actor Ryan Eigenmann and family
  • Actress Ysabel Ortega
  • Celebrity couple Yam Concepcion and Miguel CuUnjieng
  • Kapuso hunk Benjamin Alves
  • Kapuso actress Jasmine Curtis
  • Kapuso actress Vaness Del Moral
  • Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara
  • GMA news reporter Saleema Refran
  • GMA news reporter Vonne Aquino

This second batch of solar challengers will join the pioneering batch of Filipino celebrities who have passed on the LIGHT IT FORWARD advocacy.

Everyone who wishes to join the movement must assemble their own solar lamps to be sent to them by Liter of Light and must film the assembly process. Upon completion, they have to challenge others to do the same.

The award-winning hand-built solar lights that a solar engineer builds, reduce carbon emissions by 1000 kg for over five years by replacing traditional forms of lighting like burning kerosene, which is hazardous and expensive to use.

The Philippines’ Liter of Light which has become a global movement, has installed more than 350,000 bottle lights in more than 15 countries.

To watch the LIGHT IT FORWARD Challenge videos of celebrities go to the Liter of Light Facebook page and Instagram.

To participate in Light It Forward, visit www.literoflight.org/lightitforward


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