Medical frontliners Dr. Roberto de Guzman, Jr., Dr. Emily Mia Sy join Light it Forward

Roberto De Guzman Emily Mia Sy
Dr. Roberto “Argie” de Guzman, Jr. and Dr. Emily Mia Sy spared time from their work in the frontlines of COVID-19 to help the country’s energy-poor through the Light it Forward challenge.

Filipino doctors Roberto “Argie” de Guzman, Jr. and Emily Mia Sy have joined the Light it Forward solar-building challenge which honors healthcare workers in their fight against the coronavirus disease.

The two frontliners of the Philippines in the fight against COVID-19 spared time to join the LIGHT IT FORWARD video challenge that pays tribute to medical doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers who are essential to battling the ongoing health crisis. Its solar challengers are asked to dedicate a hand-built lamp to a frontliner who has made a positive impact on their lives during the pandemic.

The grassroots initiative Liter of Light established the challenge in the Philippines to bring solar lamps to villages and communities with limited or no access to electricity.

Light it Forward challengers get to build their very own solar lights by hand for 20-30 minutes. They must also tag their friends for the challenge to keep building more solar lamps to be donated to energy-deprived Filipino communities living in the dark.

The Light it Forward solar movement honors Dr. Roberto “Argie” de Guzman, Jr. and Dr. Emily Mia Sy who are modern-day heroes fighting to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The medical doctors went above and beyond with their duties and continued to be of service to others in the midst of the pandemic. They have dedicated their precious time to build solar lamps for disadvantaged homes without light.

Watch these medical frontliners Light it Forward for poor communities in the dark.

Roberto De Guzman Emily Mia Sy

Dr. Roberto “Argie” de Guzman, Jr.

Dr. Roberto “Argie” de Guzman, Jr. is the President of the Hepatology Society of the Philippines, the lead national organization dealing with health and care of the liver. He completed the Light it Forward challenge with his son on September 1, 2020.

Dr. de Guzman showed viewers that the package sent by Liter of Light is already sanitized and disinfected for use. Each kit contains all the requisite materials needed to build your very own solar lamp. Future challengers can also watch the tutorial video for the solar lamp’s assembly posted on Liter of Light’s Youtube channel.

All the solar lights generated from the challenge will be donated to homes without electricity.

Dr. Roberto de Guzman, Jr. accomplished the solar light with his son who he patiently guided in the challenge.

The Light it Forward challenge can be completed by anyone in under 20-30 minutes. You too can become a solar champion for the poor by getting in touch with Liter of Light for the challenge.

Watch Dr. Roberto “Argie” de Guzman, Jr.’s video below.

Dr. Emily Mia Sy

Dr. Emily Mia Sy took on the Light it Forward challenge with her partner in the comfort of their own home.

Anyone can be a light for others and help out in the middle of the pandemic by joining the challenge which can be accomplished in the safety of your own home. The Liter of Light Foundation will send a solar lamp kit to future challengers.

Dr. Sy encouraged others to accept the Light it Forward challenge which provides homes with high quality and eco-friendly solar lamps. The solar movement benefits the environment by replacing traditional forms of lighting villagers depend on such as kerosene lamps, which are toxic and hazardous to use.

A solar light can reduce carbon emissions by at least 1,000 kg. Each of Light it Forward’s lamps can also illuminate homes for up to twelve hours a day, for the next five years.

Dr. Emily Mia Sy is grateful for the opportunity and told viewers that they too can Light it Forward by contacting Liter of Light’s official Facebook or Instagram.

“Thank you to Liter of Light and Getz Pharma for this first in a lifetime opportunity to Light it Forward. If you have time and resources to spare, please visit to learn more about their advocacy,” she wrote in her video challenge posted on September 5, 2020.

Watch Dr. Emily Mia Sy’s video here.

Medical frontliners Dr. Roberto “Argie” de Guzman, Jr. and Dr. Emily Mia Sy are part of the fifth batch of Philippine personalities who have continued to help those in need amid the pandemic.

You can view previous celebrity solar challengers in Batch 1, Batch 2, Batch 3, and Batch 4.

The APSIPA-awarded Light it Forward campaign is led by the Liter of Light Foundation in partnership with and the Rotary Club of Makati Business District.

To learn more about Liter of Light and its Light It Forward campaign: visit the Light it Forward website here, and the Liter of Light Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


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