Liter of Light partners with Good News Pilipinas to challenge Filipinos to Light it Forward

Liter of Light Partners with Good News Pilipinas
Liter of Light’s leaders Illac Diaz and Ami Valdemoro (Left) with’s Managing Editor Angie Quadra Balibay (Right) celebrating the 100-Day Voyage of Light Around the World in 2019.

Global solar lighting champion Liter of Light has partnered with the Filipino Pride advocacy group to challenge Filipinos to Light it Forward and provide solar lights to communities with limited or no access to electricity.

The two homegrown Filipino movement champions had earlier collaborated on the Good Light Message of Hope campaign that sent out solar messages from everyday heroes to inspire the Philippines and the rest of the world during the Luzon-wide lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The Good Light Message of Hope’s Everyday Heroes were honored as Solar Champions in a social media campaign that featured their good deeds and inspiring messages to encourage people to keep donating to efforts to fight the coronavirus disease.

With the easing of the community quarantine, Liter of Light’s multi-awarded founder and executive director, Illac Diaz, saw the need for the transition of the Good Light Message of Hope good deeds into positive action through the Light it Forward Challenge.

“The Covid-19 pandemic forced us to rethink how to move forward with our mission of bringing light and hope to the 20 million Filipinos who are still living in darkness,” said Illac Diaz.

“The Light it Forward Challenge invites everyone to be a part of the solution by giving their time and talent to those who need it most, all from the safety of home,” the Edison Awards recipient added.

The Light it Forward Challenge asks an individual to make time – about 20 minutes – to build a solar light using the prepared assembly kit while documenting the process with a video recording. At the completion of the solar lamp, the person should issue a challenge to a friend to build another solar light.

The completed solar lamps will then be donated to a Philippine community with limited access or no electricity.

Liter of Light says each hand-built solar light reduces carbon emissions by 1,000 kg. over five years by replacing traditional forms of lighting like burning kerosene, which is hazardous and expensive to use. has pledged to support the campaign with coverage of the solar challengers and the campaign champions lending assistance to the Light it Forward team.

“Light it Forward is just the beginning,” Diaz clarifies. “Filipinos have been the light of the world during this global crisis – as first responders, nurses, doctors, and essential workers on the front lines.”

“From hospitals to health care centers, and even at home, we are known for the way we care for others. At this time of great darkness, we want to shine a light on how Filipino “malasakit” is paving a way for a brighter future in a tangible, measurable way.”


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