Solar energy champions switch on UN SDG logo giant solar artwork to mark Earth Hour

Solar energy champions led by the Liter of Light Foundation are switching on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) logo giant solar artwork on top of Makati City Hall to mark Earth Hour in the Philippines.

Liter of Light’s newest solar art installation made of hand-built solar lamps from the award-winning Light it Forward challenge carry the call for Filipinos to be climate heroes at this time of the pandemic to help future-proof the earth for the next generation, according to its founder and solar artist Illac Diaz.

“As people turn off the lights on Earth Hour, we will switch on the Light of Hope of solar energy and ask Filipinos to take action to preserve the environment,” shares Diaz.

Diaz also said that they want to showcase how the Philippines plays a leading role in achieving the UN SDGs.

Joining the homegrown grassroots global movement in the unveiling of the solar UN SDG logo on March 27, 2021, in celebration of the Earth Hour and the United Nation’s 75th Anniversary, are the Rotary Club of Makati Business District of D3830 led by Charter President Mache Torres – Ackerman and the Makati City government led by Mayor Abby Binay.

“Our Rotary club supports the Rotary International & UN SDG 75 years Call to Action on April 10, 2021,” said Torres – Ackerman.

Residents of San Lorenzo in Makati accepted the Light it Forward challenge to hand-build solar lamps for donation to remote areas without access to electricity.

“Makati City is proud to partner with My Shelter Foundation and Rotary Club of Makati Business District for its ‘Light It Forward’ campaign to promote clean, affordable, sustainable energy for all. This installation is meaningful as it has inspired thousands to participate in making a difference despite being forced to stay home during the pandemic,” Mayor Abby said.

The mayor also urged Makatizens to participate in the Light It Forward Challenge and the Earth Hour campaign to reduce energy consumption and the effects of global warming.

“For thousands of children who have been forced to stay home for the past year, we wanted to empower them to continue to make a difference from home, even in the midst of this pandemic. They are our hope to create the sustainable future we all want,” adds Diaz.

Since July 2020, several people, including celebrities, volunteered to become solar engineers and joined the Light it Forward campaign by buying and assembling solar lamps.

Everyone who participates in the Light It Forward receives a kit to build a solar light, which takes less than 30 minutes to assemble. Liter of Light has created online videos to guide participants on how to assemble the lamp. After recording their solar light building, each participant must challenge their friends to build a light.

In 2020, the foundation built the largest Philippine solar-powered flag in Asia on November 30, the birth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio. Last December 30, Liter of Light paid tribute to Jose Rizal with a large-scale solar portrait of the national hero at Luneta Park. In January 2021, the foundation also created the largest solar rosary in the world to unite Filipinos in prayer for healing and protection from COVID-19. The group also built the Quincentennial Commemorations logo at the Luneta.

With over 2,700 youth ambassadors in 32 countries, Liter of Light is one of the largest organizations in the world that works with the youth to engage companies in Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa on building simple and repairable solar lights, mobile charging systems, and street lights. Using materials from within each community, the organization has empowered the lives of over one million people a year while creating opportunities for green micro business and lowering carbon emissions by 1,000 kg per hand-built solar lamp.

The UN SDG logo giant solar artwork will be unveiled on March 27 via the Liter of Light social media.

To learn more about the Liter of Light and the Light It Forward campaign visit the website here, the Liter of Light on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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This article was first published on To learn more about the Liter of Light and the Light It Forward campaign visit the website here, the Liter of Light on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube.


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