IN PHOTOS: Bonifacio Day giant solar Philippine flag tribute to frontliners

A view of the giant solar Philippine flag now seen at Luneta Park. Photos from Illac Diaz/ Liter of Light.

The Philippines’ observance of Bonifacio Day amid the 2020 Covid pandemic has been marked by a giant solar Philippine flag tribute to frontliners using the 3,000 lamps created by the Light it Forward video challenge campaign of the Liter of Light Foundation.

The “Bonifacio Bayaning Frontliner: A Giant Artwork Solar-lighting Event” held on November 30, 2020, at the Luneta Park in Manila, gathered volunteers to light up the eco-friendly solar lights handmade by celebrities, health workers, and other individuals who accepted the award-winning Light it Forward Challenge to help bring solar light to communities still without electricity.

The Bonifacio Day event’s tribute to the heroism of Filipino frontline workers in the Philippines and around the world while fighting the novel coronavirus disease is a continuation of the Good Light Message of Hope campaign of the Liter of Light and that had the organizations create solar messages during the first weeks of lockdown in the Philippines.

Liter of Light founder Illac Diaz led his team in creating the giant solar Philippine flag at the Luneta Park. The journey of the Light it Forward solar lamps from homes to Luneta, before they are delivered to communities were captured in some of the first photos from the event held on the day that honors Andres Bonifacio, hero of the Philippine revolution.

Illac Diaz takes a snapshot of the Luneta Park grounds before the solar lamps are installed.
The lamps light up the grounds of the park with a giant solar Philippine flag.
The team sets up the solar lamps to form the Philippine flag.
Each solar lamp is fitted with a solar panel that will power the lighting event.
Each lamp is partnered with flowers and dedicated to a Filipino frontliner who has fallen ill or died while battling Covid.
The solar lamps light up the Philippine flag formation.
More solar lamps light up the Luneta Park.
The Luneta Park bears witness to the tribute to Filipino heroism and unity amid the pandemic.

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To learn more about the Liter of Light and its Light It Forward campaign: visit the Light it Forward website here, and the Liter of Light Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


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