GMA talents Ysabel Ortega, Benjamin Alves accept Light it Forward challenge

GMA Talents Ysabel and Benjamin Light it Forward
Ysabel Ortega and Benjamin Alves have built Light it Forward solar lamps for a cause.

GMA talents Ysabel Ortega and Benjamin Alves accepted the Light it Forward challenge and have built solar lamps for communities in the Philippines still without access to electricity.

The challenge is part of Liter of Light’s advocacy to provide high quality and sustainable lighting to remote communities and villages in the country.

The eco-friendly lights make a big difference for 20 million Filipinos who are still living in the dark. A solar lamp can light up a home for 12 hours every day, for five years.

The Light it Forward challenge only takes up about 20 minutes your time. Solar challengers have to assemble their very own lights by hand. The solar lights will then go to remote villages and impoverished communities in the Philippines who need it most.

To complete the Light it Forward challenge, you also have to pass it on to someone else; this keeps the movement going and builds more solar lamps for donation to the poor.

Join your favorite Kapuso celebrities Light it Forward for Filipino homes still in the dark. Join them in their shared advocacy to end energy poverty, one solar light bottle at a time.

Benjamin and Ysabel with their solar lamps
Benjamin and Ysabel with their solar lamps.

Ysabel Ortega

Kapuso sweetheart Ysabel Ortega greeted viewers and told them what the Light it Forward challenge was all about.

The challenge is part of Liter of Light’s eco-friendly initiative to provide high quality, sustainable source of light to impoverished households in the Philippines.

The Kapuso actress also explained why the challenge was so important:

“Liter of Light has launched a campaign to Light it Forward. You can build your very own solar light and then have it sent to villagers who have no electricity, and basically to those who need it.”

The Kapuso actress kept her trusty laptop around for the solar challenge. She likewise advised viewers to watch the Youtube tutorial posted on Liter of Light’s channel so they too could be guided in the solar lamp’s assembly.

The actress followed all the steps in the tutorial and was delighted to see the lamp light up.

“I am so happy that I was able to participate in this Light it Forward campaign. And this will be shipped off to a family in a remote village with no electricity,” the actress said, referring to the accomplished solar light that will soon be donated to a community in need of it most.

The video, posted on August 7, 2020, concluded with the actress telling others how they too can participate in the fun solar challenge for a cause.

“You, yourself can also Light it Forward just like I did, by checking out Liter of Light’s Instagram page and other platforms to see more details about their campaign,” she encouraged, addressing the Light it Forward challenge to everybody watching.

Watch Ysabel Ortega’s video here.

Benjamin Alves

Kapuso hunk and actor Benjamin Alves introduced the Light it Forward challenge to viewers.

Light it Forward is a challenge to assemble components of solar lights by hand. In less than 30 minutes, you can light it forward for communities without access to electricity.

The campaign is part of Liter of Light’s advocacy to end energy poverty in the Philippines, one solar light bottle at a time.

He also told viewers he was responding to the Light it Forward challenge issued by GMA news reporter, Mav Gonzales, in the video posted on August 9.

Mav Gonzales, along with celebs Bodie Cruz and Ina Feleo already took on the challenge.

“With 20 million Filipinos still living without light, Mav Gonzales together with Liter of Light has challenged me, and you to Light it Forward,” the GMA actor said.

Alves championed the solar lamp units from Liter of Light. A solar lamp can illuminate an entire Filipino household for 12 hours every day in the span of five years, according to the actor.

The Kapuso hunk adds that sustainable solar light is good for the environment. It could reduce carbon emissions by at least 1,000 kg.

Alves advised viewers to watch the Youtube tutorial for the solar building challenge posted on Liter of Light’s channel.

The actor-model completed the lamp building challenge in a breeze. He told viewers not to worry; assembly is convenient because the wires are numbered for easy installation.

Alves then instructed future challengers to place the solar panel in direct sunlight. Doing so will charge the lamp unit and generate power for it.

“There it is, guys. 20 minutes of your time and you can light a home or a place for the next five years for twelve hours a day,” the actor encouraged, inviting everyone watching him to take part in the challenge.

He told viewers to follow Liter of Light’s socials for more information about the challenge.

Watch Benjamin Alves’ video here.

Ysabel Ortega and Benjamin Alves just recently took part in the challenge. They, along with other Filipino celebrities have already made a difference for families still living in the dark.

Sweethearts Yam Concepcion, Miguel CuUnjieng have also teamed up to build solar lights for a cause.

The Light it Forward campaign to build solar lamps is led by the Liter of Light Foundation in partnership with

Do you want to accept the Light it Forward Challenge? Message the Light it Forward team on Facebook to find out how you can join the advocacy!


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