Kapuso hunks Gil Cuerva, Jason Abalos, Lucho Ayala build Light it Forward solar lights

Kapuso hunks Light it Forward Challenge
These Kapuso hunks have taken part in the Light it Forward Challenge to send out solar-powered lamps.

Three Kapuso hunks – Gil Cuerva, Jason Abalos, and Lucho Ayala – have taken part in the Light it Forward Challenge to build solar-powered lamps for donation to impoverished communities without access to electricity.

The well-known GMA Network artists are among the first celebrities to accept the challenge to be solar lighting champions of the Liter of Light’s campaign.

The challenge asked each celebrity to film the 20-30 minutes process of assembling a solar light from the kit provided. Upon completion, the solar challenger has to issue the Light it Forward challenge to someone else to keep the chain going and build more solar lamps.

Watch your favorite Kapuso actors share what they have to say and join them in their advocacy to deliver solar lighting to around 20 million Filipinos who are still living in the dark.

Kapuso hunks with their Light it Forward solar lights.

Gil Cuerva

The model-turned-celebrity Kapuso hunk shared his thoughts on social media after he assembled the solar lamp. The actor praises the founders of Liter of Light for creating solar lamps made entirely out of recycled materials. The actor brings the lamp closer to the camera, telling viewers that the top part (of the lamp) is made out of a recycled bottle container. The solar light’s body material is made of PVC pipe.

He also shares that while the project may look daunting to some, he says the solar lamp was actually quite easy to do. He advises future challengers to watch the steps for its assembly on Youtube.

“For some of us who have time (to spare) in the midst of the pandemic, why not use that time to help other people, especially those who don’t have access to light?” Cuerva says, adding that the project took him only 10-15 minutes to complete.

The video, uploaded on July 6, 2020, concludes with the actor addressing the challenge to everyone watching. He tells viewers to reach out to Liter of Light via Instagram if they want to take part in the challenge, too.

“In our own small way, we can Light it Forward. We can help people who don’t have access to electricity; to light, and be some sort of a light in their life.”

Watch Gil Cuerva take part in the challenge here:

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Hey everyone! I don’t usually post IGTV’s, but I just wanted to share something real quick – @literoflight sent over this solar-powered lamp made out of recycled materials that I was able to assemble as way to #LightItForward to the millions of Filipinos who don’t have access to electricity. I’ll be posting how I was able to assemble the lamp later on my IG stories hehe. Anyways, it’s a really simple way to help those who are less fortunate, especially in the middle of this pandemic. Hopefully, to whoever sees this, you’d also be open to helping those people who don’t have electricity by assembling a solar-powered lamp just like I did. All you have to do is message them here on instagram, and they’d gladly send over a kit for you to assemble. Let’s try to do whatever we can, whether big or small, to help those who need help the most, and be a light in their lives 💡

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Jason Abalos

The Jason Abalos video begins with the GMA award-winning actor inside a tent he set up in his house. The Filipino actor has turned off all the lights, demonstrating the power of the solar lamp he had just assembled.

He also lists all the comforts powered by electricity and mentions that some of us may have taken these for granted. He brings up the issue at hand: many Filipinos still don’t have access to electricity.

He shares that he is happy to take part in a challenge that brings electricity to impoverished Filipinos, adding that he grew up living in a similar household.

The Filipino actor entertained viewers with shots of himself and the assembled solar-powered lamp and encouraged viewers to take part in the challenge. His social media post reads: Each hand-built solar light that you build will last for the next five years, 12 hours a day, and reduce carbon emissions by 1000 kg!

The actor also tearfully offered heartfelt thanks for giving him the opportunity to reach out to a family in need.

“Gusto ko lang magpasalamat sa pagkakataong ito na makatulong sa isang pamilya, at mabigyan ang kanilang tahanan ng ilaw sa loob ng limang taon.”

The video was posted on the actor’s social media on July 3. He encouraged his friends to take on the challenge, fellow actors: Joross Gamboa, Zanjoe Marudo, Vhong Navarro, Marco Alcaraz, Carlo “Jose Liwanag” Aquino, Jordan Herrera, Paul Jake Castillo, and professional basketball player Arwind Santos.

Watch Jason Abalos’ video here:

Lucho Ayala

GMA heartthrob, Lucho Ayala, took to social media on July 5 to show viewers how they can build a solar light. He explains that the light he’s building is part of Liter of Light’s advocacy to help bring solar lighting to communities with little to no access to electricity.

He shares that viewers should go on Liter of Light’s Instagram page to find out more. He tells viewers how they can take part and reads out the foundation’s inspiring advocacy: “Ending poverty one bottle at a time.”

The actor explains that the Liter of Light makes solar-powered bottles and distributes them to communities in need. He stresses the importance of electricity and lays bare the basic premise of the foundation’s Light it Forward campaign to viewers.

Interested participants have to challenge some of their friends after assembling the solar kits themselves to keep building more solar lamps.

The Kapuso actor goes on to show the tools in the kit provided, adding that the lamp (kit) doesn’t look too complicated. He also reads aloud a few important instructions to assemble the solar-powered light.

“I want to thank Liter of Light for this wonderful experience and I hope I can help even in the smallest way possible the people this will be given to,” he says, before addressing the people he’d like to take part in the Light it Forward challenge.

He nominates the following actors for the challenge: Rocco Nacino, Ian Ignacio, Renz Fernandez, André Paras, Jon Lucas, Prince Clemente, and Paul Salas.

Watch the Lucho Ayala video here:

The Kapuso hunks are part of the first batch of celebrities who have taken part in the Light it Forward challenge, along with newsman Mark Zambrano and actor Robert Seña.

Check out the backstory of the Light it Forward Challenge if you’re interested in the campaign and want to know how it all started.

You can donate a Light it Forward solar light through Epalengke.com for distribution to a remote village in Albay.

Do you want to accept the Light it Forward Challenge? Message the Light it Forward team on Facebook to find out how you can join the advocacy!


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