Good Light Message of Hope campaign of Good News Pilipinas, Liter of Light shines for CNN

Good Light Message of Hope
Multi-awarded Filipino social innovator Illac Diaz of the Liter of Light discussed Good News Pilipinas and Liter of Light’s campaign of sending messages of hope to the world while encouraging people to help fight the virus in Welcome to The Final Word with CNN Philippines Senior Anchor Rico Hizon. Screenshot from the interview

The Good Light Message of Hope social campaign of and the Liter of Light went on television to shine the light for CNN Philippines.

The collaborative project between the news advocacy site and the social enterprise was featured on CNN Philippines’ The Final Word with Rico Hizon on April 20, 2020.

Multi-awarded Filipino social innovator Illac Diaz of the Liter of Light was interviewed in a video call by CNN senior anchor Rico Hizon about the Good Light campaign to send solar Messages of Hope to the world while encouraging people to continue giving donations to help fight the coronavirus disease.

The co-convenor of the Good Light campaign shared that they wanted to hear the positive voice of people to come out in these difficult times.

“We hear so much negative. There are positive voices out there. But also we wanted to shine a light on their contribution. As long as they donate, we will make a 15-20 character message of light… and then we would send it to them… to really symbolize that there is brightness in this darkness that we are all facing and that’s very important for a lot of people feeling insecure… depression and uncertainty,” Illac said in the interview.

Diaz asked people to donate to efforts to fight COVID-19 and provide relief to people, especially the most vulnerable.

The Edison Award-winning Liter of Light solar lamp innovator shared that the solar lights being used in the solar messaging are supposed to go to the Mangyan communities after the lockdown. But then he thought of using them to get people to donate to COVID-19 response efforts.

“You know there is a lot of what is called donor fatigue. During the start, everybody is pitching in. So, we’re encouraging people to keep on giving we will spend afternoon lighting up the garage. So, that they will be inspired, that people can see that people are generous.

“Hopefully, this will be a pyramid effect for other people to keep on giving. Its a long way and we have to keep on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So, it’s the very symbol of hope. Light for me is hope. Light for me is life.

“Instead of consuming all the bad news, I thought it would be nice to create good news. We have a great partner which is Good News Pilipinas which then gets to promote it and invite other people. As long as this lockdown continues every night we’ll be saying ‘we’ll make this light graffiti that Filipinos are strong, we’re resilient and you have to listen to the good news,” the Filipino Pride Advocate and Ambassador told CNN Philippines.

Illac Diaz is also under lockdown in Manila and works with his parents, house helps, and girlfriend Ami Valdemoro in setting up the Messages of Hope for lighting up and drone shots.

“If you go to Good News Pilipinas please send them proof that you’ve donated to the hospitals. It could be something small but all adds up. Every night we will line up and we will thank you through this small act that we have for two hours to keep on giving because the small is the most powerful.

“Everybody thinks that big solutions come from big government and big donations no, it’s a small being put together that will amount to large money. Keep on giving, keep on registering to Good News Pilipinas, and send us your message and proof of donation.

The first Good Light Message of Hope went live on April 6, 2020, and announced on Good News Pilipinas Live @PinoySeoul Radio Online hosted by Good News Pilipinas editor, writer, radio, and TV producer Angie Quadra Balibay. The drone video was shown on Good News Pilipinas TV with Positivitrix Trixie Esguerra on Facebook Live the same night and shared on Good News Pilipinas Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. is the go-to-site for good news about Filipinos and the Philippines. Established in 2005 as an advocacy for putting more of the good news on the media, GNP advocates from around the world write about positive action, triumphs, and inspirational stories that highlight the good about the Philippines and its people.

The Filipino Pride champion and his Liter of Light team of volunteers are recognized worldwide. The UNESCO acknowledged the Liter of Light’s 100-day journey around the world on the Peace Boat to light up remote communities without access to electricity using Solar Lamps made with Filipino technology.

Diaz and his Liter of Light solar lamp initiative to light up the Philippines’ and the world’s poor communities have made it to the Dreamworks screen at the Comcast Tower’s Universal Sphere and will continue to be seen by the public visiting the new entertainment venue.

This article on the Good Light interview was first published on during the Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon, the Philippines.


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